The Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada

is an infantry regiment in 31 Canadian Brigade Group, Canadian Armed Forces.

Headquartered at the historic Armoury in Cambridge, ON. Members of the Regiment serve with the regular forces worldwide. ​​

​The Regimental Association represents the support network for the Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada, charged with upholding the Regiment’s traditions and standing.

Remembrance Day, 2019

The Regiment is parading in Kitchener. The Regiment will de-bus and form-up on Ontario st, near King at 10.00 am. The route will take them Along King St. to the Cenotaph.

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During the 2016 Reunion events, it was observed that many past members are spread out across Canada and even beyond, but despite the distance, many if not all were keen to keep connected in some way. The distance between us may seem like a formidable task to establish an Association, which is needed to plan and to support social events and for the general care of our members. With today’s technology it’s shouldn’t be as difficult as it may appear. Sign up for Our Tartan
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Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada

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Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada Regimental Association
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Feast of St. Andrew
By formal invitation, the
Feast of St. Andrew is taking place on Saturday the 30th of November, 2019. 

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Elegance at Hangar 51, 7th Annual Highland Ball
To all those that attended Elegance at Hangar 51, 7th Annual Highland Ball, thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you and your guests at Hangar 51, the Region of Waterloo Airport next year on Saturday May 2nd 2020.

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2018 Battlefield Tour of France and Belgium  

The Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada  have embarked on journey through France and Belgium. This Battlefield tour is specific to our regimental history and to Canada’s journey to becoming a nation. Learn more about the Tour Highlights and Itinerary>>​​

​​​​​​​​Remembrance Day, Saturday Nov. 11th, 2017