HRH Prince Andrew Duke of York KG, KVCO, CD, AdC 

His Royal Highness, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, is a member of the British Royal Family, and the third child (and second son) of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Capt M.A. Adam, CD -- OC HQ Coy RHFC

Capt. G. Bartolo -- 2IC B Coy RHFC

Capt. S. Burke -- OC B Coy RHFC
Capt P. Dudek, CD -- G3 Ops 39 CBG HQ
Capt W. Finkle, CD -- OAC Course, Kingston Staff
Capt A. Kroetsch, CD -- OAC Course, Kingston Staff 
Capt J.A. Robinson, CD -- OAC Course, Kingston
Staff College 
Capt N. Thomsen -- Padre RHFC 


Lt C. Armstrong -- Pl Comd B Coy RHFC

Lt. Dave Corcoran -- Ops O B Coy RHFC

Lt P. Larouche -- A/Ops O RHFC

Lt M. Richardson -- Pl Comd B Coy RHFC

Lt D. Weltman -- Pl Comd B Coy RHFC

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Serving Officers

Front Row (L to R) Capt S Dumbreck, Maj S Coe CD, HCol PT Jenkins OC, LCol JJ McDonald CD, Maj M Poland CD, HCol B Rainville CD, CWO J Kisslinger CD, Capt M Adam CD  

Back Row (L to R) Capt A Kroetsch CD, 2Lt D Corcoran, Capt W Van Der Kraak, Lt A Poon, Lt G Bartolo, Capt W Finkle CD, 2Lt M Richardson, Capt J Robinson CD, Capt N Thomsen, 2Lt R Chowdhury CD, Lt P Larouche, OCDt D Weltman, Capt C MacDonald CD  

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Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada

Honorary Colonel

Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel Brian Rainville, CD is a retired high school teacher and Principal with the Waterloo Region School Board.

His interest in the military surfaced in 1960 when he joined the Army Cadets in Sturgeon Falls. Four years later he enlisted in the Algonquin Regiment as a Corporal and was an instructor at the Army Cadet Camp Ipperwash during the summers of 1964-66. More about Hon Col. Rainville >

Throughout its gallant existence, the RHFC Officers have been both leaders in the Canadian Military as well as leaders in the Waterloo Region community.  As such, the current Officer Membership of the RHFC welcomes you to this website and hopes to provide you with current information regarding our contributions to the greater community and on how you can share in our challenges and accomplishments.

HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York, KG, KCVO, CD    

Honorary Colonels    
Honourary Colonel -- HCol B.V. Rainville, CD
Honourary Lieutenant-Colonel -- HCol B. Melloul 

LCol M.T. Poland, CD -- CO RHFC 
LCol T. Buckley, CD -- DHRD NDHQ
LCol J.J. McDonald, CD -- DComd 31 CBG, London    

Maj S. Coe, CD -- DCO RHFC
Maj S. Dumbrek -- TF Comd Afghanistan

Second Lieutenants       
2Lt R. Chowdhury, CD -- 2IC HQ Coy, Regimental Secretary RHFC

​2Lt P. Bonnano -- Pl Comd B Coy RHFC

Officer Cadets

OCdt V. Barton -- A/Adjt, BHQ RHFC

​OCdt A. St. Thomas -- A/Adjt BHQ RHFC

The Officers

Commanding Officer

Lieutenant-Colonel Mark Poland joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1989, at age 17 in Sarnia, Ontario, in the rank of private.  Shortly thereafter, he enrolled in undergraduate studies in Political Science at the University of Western Ontario (“UWO”) in London.  While in his first year of studies, he was selected from the ranks, and appointed as an officer with the 1st Hussars, an Armoured Corps Regiment of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves. More about Lt. Col. Poland >

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