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The Regimental Council supports RHFC Soldiers through
fund raising events and community outreach.

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The Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada Council Regimental Council is leading a community initiative to acquire two LAV III Monuments, one to be placed in Cambridge and the other in Kitchener. These monuments will commemorate the 40,000 Canadians that served in the Afghanistan Mission from 2001 to 2011, in particular the approximately 200 who came from Waterloo Region.
More about the LAV III Monument >

Regimental Council Members 2018

HCol B.V. Rainville, CD
HLCol B. Melloul
LCol JM. Poland, CD
Col T. Jenkins, OC, CD
Col O. Lackenbauer, CD
Col W. F. McCormick
Col D. MCQ. Shaver, OC, DSC
Col T. A. Wilder, CStJ, CD
LCol F. M. Fisher, CD
LCol T. R. Fisher, CD
LCol C. Fitton, CD
LCol J.J. McDonald, CD
LCol W. McIntosh, CD
LCol R. Peters, CD
Maj R, Ciecwierz, CStJ, CD
Capt T. Lea, CStJ
Chief B. Larkin
Chief (ret.) L. Gravill
Deputy Chief (ret.) J. Prno
Insp. (ret.) B. Graham
Dr. R. Hobbs,
Mr. L. Blundell
Mr. J. Dwyer
Ms. J. Klugman
Ms. M. Lagonia
Mr. J. J. Martin
Mr. G. Mathers
Mr. M. Matheson
Mr. C. Moser
Mr. H. Noesgaard
Mr. L. Parent
Mr. P. Stables
Ms. T. Van Kalsbeek

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